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Millbrook Valley Animal Hospital

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A brand-new veterinary hospital carefully designed for the comfort and convenience of our patients and owners

Covid 19:

We are maintaining normal posted hours for now, but on a limited appointment schedule between 9-4pm for sick and urgent cases. We are closed alternate Saturdays (open April 4th). Clients are NOT allowed into the building and must call from the parking lot upon arrival. We will admit the patient only into the building and conduct the consultation over the phone or by video if necessary. Prior to booking, a COVID screening questionnaire must be answered in order that our staff may take necessary safety precautions when handling the patient. All transactions must be via credit card, over the phone. Nutritional products may be ordered via our webstore or directly over the phone with credit card pre-payment, and may be picked up during our business hours, again via phone notification. We are experiencing significant delivery delays so it is recommended that we are given minimum 10 days notice for all food and medication orders. All elective surgeries have been postponed for the next 2 weeks and clients will be notified of re-booking dates. More urgent surgeries will be dealt with on a case-case basis.